Client Relationship Management (CRM)


Manage your clients with ease. Add contact details and tag clients in photo uploads so you can easily find out what tattoos they have had and when.


Organise and add appointments with our easy to use appointment scheduler. Instantly see what appointments you have today on the dashboard.

Artwork Review

Send artwork to your clients for review at the click of a button. Once your client has submitted feedback you will be alerted with a notification.


Keep track of payments for each appointment with our payment tracker. Add deposits for future appointments and easily find outstanding balances.


Send out emails to clients with ease using our email sender. Whether you want to email a single client a design or send all of your clients details on a promotion, our email sender will make it possible in a few clicks.

Artist Login

Each artist will receive their own unique login credentials, allowing them to add photos of recent work and add blog entries.

Website Builder

Easy to Update

Upload photos of tattoos or drawings with ease using your favourite web browser! Crop, Title and categorise your photos with our easy to use photo up-loader.

Watermark Images

Automatically watermark images when you upload them! Upload your watermark and configure the size and opacity, it will then be added to every image you upload.

Fully Customisable

Select a design from multiple themes and create your own amazing colour scheme with our online theme editor. Add your own background image and logo, change the typography and more - all through your favourite web browser, no coding required!

Mobile Friendly

All of our themes are mobile friendly meaning that your website will look great on every device.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages and add what ever content you like to your website.

Social Integration

Automatically post photos and blog posts to Facebook saving you time and effort. Add links to your social accounts so that visitors can view your Instagram, find you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter

Tag and Search Items

Tag your content and allow visitors to find it easily with the search website option.

Artist and Category Filters

Your visitors can filter via artist and/or category with the click of the button, helping them find the artist and type of tattoo they want.

Search Engine Optimised

Your website will be optimised for all major search engines, meaning that customers will be able to find your website.

Multiple Domain Names

You can point multiple domain names to your website meaning that you can register .com .tattoo or any domain type to all point to your website.

Artist Bio's

Add a biography for each artist along with a photo and links to their social pages.

Contact Form

Visitors will be able to contact you with ease using the built in contact form. You can select an email address for the form to send to in the admin area.

Find us Map

Add a map to your shop using our easy search and drag location finder. Clients will always be able to find you!

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